7 Samurai Darts Team

7 Samurai is a world champion dart team that is known for its strong culture & high performance, winning at darts and in every area of lives.

Founded in October 2015 by our founder Joescher with the purpose to inspire greatness and raise the standards of lives for all teammates in dart and in lives.

7 Samurai, we are a purpose driven dart team and we apply world class system and principles to inspire people to learn business, brands, leadership, management, discipline, teamwork, culture & performance through dart game, learn through play and also known for “Leadership Gamification”.

7 Samurai Live by a Code of Honour

3 Principles




7 Core Value

7 Samurai (Brand Name)

7 symbolises perfection – It takes 7 days to create the world. It takes 7 colors (Rainbow colors), 7 musical notes (Do- -Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti) to make the world beautiful. The list goes on.

Samurai represents the spirit of servant and warrior. A world class brand renowned for its mastery, courage, warrior spirit and art that lives by a code of honour.

7 Samurai Monthly Gathering