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With one purpose in mind – to create more businesses that matter to the world, & making them a force of good to our communities & countries around the world. 

About Us

10XCEOs is a global business coaching platform to create businesses that matter and making these businesses a force for good. 10XCEOs focuses on strategy coaching; bringing the best of both worlds in thought-provoking questioning paired with structure frameworks that help create the winning strategy for organisations. Beyond just focusing on business goals & wins, 10XCEOs desires to impact every entrepreneur personally through an accountability mindset based on 10 different areas of life.

What our clients say

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Neutrovis (FMCG Industry)

Coaching gave me the motivation and help to pull out from the business. I refreshed my mind, recharged my spirit, and continued the fight by restructuring the business to make the company more corporate and systematic.

Zayn Puah (Founder & CEO of Neutrovis Group)

Trapo (Automotive Accessories)

We started with a business health check, and I got to understand the reality about my business, my people, and my way of thinking. In the first year of coaching, we put a lot of effort on knowing talents and people. Then we moved on to crafting the leadership team, aligning and scaling them, and lastly coaching on partners and leaders in fourth year. Having a coach to come in as a third party and professionally speak on behalf of the entrepreneur is vital to the business.

Tzong Lee (CEO & Co-Founder of Trapo) 

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APT Salon (Personal Care Services)

Coaching made me more practical and guided me to apply what I have learned from my experience. I gained a lot of insights on how to improve and to quickly grow my business. As a result, in this year we broke our highest sales record compared to the past 30 years.

Vincent Teh (CEO of APT Group of Companies)

WD Group (Mining, Civil Construction and Transportation)

What struck me most was the Strategy Core 5, and what was the purpose of our business’ existence. Before I engaged the coach, my family and I didn’t have any vision, aside from grabbing the opportunity to make money from the many businesses we had. But now, we don’t just do business blindly and I have found the joy in entrepreneurship. I found the right direction and vision to successfully run my businesses.

Lim Soon Yik (Executive Director of Wawasan Dengkil)

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Our Clients

Our Clients


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